History of Dominion

In 2011, Dominion Motors celebrated it's 100th Anniversary. To survive over a century in business is remarkable, but to reach that milestone within one family is an accomplishment reached by only a select few. Owner and General Manager Tyler Dolcetti is proud to carry on his family legacy into a 4th generation.

In 1911, Tyler's great grandfather George Dolcetti went into the automobile business. In later years his sons Guido and Alfred operated two separate dealerships until Guido's death in 1968. In 1970, Alfred amalgamated the two dealerships and moved the entire operation to May St. in Thunder Bay South. In 1980 Tyler's father John purchased the business and in 1988 built a new dealership at its present location. In 2011, Tyler Dolcetti became the next generation to proudly own and operate Dominion Motors. " We've weathered a lot of change over the past 100 years" admits Tyler. " We've managed to stay ahead of the curve by keeping focused on improving our level of service and responding to the needs of our customers." Tyler is certain that Dominion Motors will be there for their customers with excellent service, great products and people you can trust for many years to come.